Report of Geohazards Symposium (26 May, 2021)

Geohazard Symposium

on Research of New Aspects of Geohazards and Challenges of Social Implementation


To discuss recent geohazards

To discuss social implementation of research products


Organizers: Science Council of Japan

Co-Organizers: IUGS Task Group on Geohazards, Japan Geoscience Union

Supporters: Tokyo Geographical Society, Japan Society of Engineering Geology, The Japan Landslide Society, International Tsunami Disaster Prevention Society, The Society of Exploration Geophysicists of Japan, The Remote Sensing Society, Research Group on Marine Geohazards Risk


Date: 26th May (Wed) 2021, 13:00~18:00

Admission fee: FREE

Presentation: Online presentation and question and answer by Chat

Language: English or Japanese

How to participate:Application form is available at the official site of the Science Council of Japan


Coordinator: Yasukuni Okubo (Chair of IUGS Task Group on Geohazards)


13:00  Hiroshi Kitazato (Prof., Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)

Background of the symposium

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Part I: Marine Geohazards Risk (Convener: Kiichiro Kawamura)

13:10 Toshikazu Ebisuzaki (International Tsunami Disaster Prevention Society)

Earthquake, submarine landslides, tsunamis

13:30 Andrew Tien-Shun Lin(National Central University, Taiwan)

Marine geohazards in Taiwan

13:50 Yuichiro Tanioka (Prof., Hokkaido University)

Tsunami modeling by marine landslides and reduction of disasters

14:10  Kiichiro Kawamura (Yamaguchi University)

Marine landslides and tsunami: Review

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Part II: Guideline of post-tsunami survey (Convener: Kazuhisa Goto)

14:30  Nalin Ratnayake(University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)

Post-tsunami field survey – Case study at Sri Lanka

14:50 Yuichi Nishimura (Associate Professor, Hokkaido University)

Urgent research on the impact of tsunami on the coastal geology: experiences and challenges of international research

15:10 Daisuke Sugawara (Prof., Museum of Natural and Environmental History, Shizuoka)

Significance of fundamental datasets for tsunami numerical Modeling

15:30 Kazuhisa Goto (Prof., University of Tokyo)

Preparedness of a manual for tsunami deposit research

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Part III: Large-scale Geohazards and Social Implementation (Convener: Shusaku Yamazaki)

15:50  Passakorn Pananont (Kasesart University, Thailand)

Seismicity and Potential Seismic Hazard of Thailand

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16:10 Toshiyuki Kurahashi (Senior Researcher of Public Works Research Institute)

Recent geohazards on mountain slope in Hokkaido

16:30 Tomohiro Nishimura (Kokusai Kogyo Co.,LTD)

Heavy rain and landslides in western Japan

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16:50 Jose Pacheco (Director of Research Institute for Volcanology and Risk Assessment)

Geohazards on the Azores archipelago

17:10  Shusaku Yamazaki (Public Works Research Institute)

Geohazards on mountain slope at 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi earthquake


17:30 Panel Discussion: Social implementation goals for geohazards

Kazuhisa Goto・Shusaku Yamazaki・Kiichiro Kawamura・Yasukuni Okubo


18:00 Concluding remarks

John Ludden (President of IUGS)

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Quations & Answer

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Report of Online Symposium on Research of New Aspects of Geohazards and Challenges of Social Implementation

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