CCOP-IUGS Task Group on Geohazards (TGG) Joint Seminar

Date & Time: 13:10 – 17:00, 30th October 2018

Place: The View Hall” (3rd floor), Haeundae Grand Hotel, Busan, Korea

The CCOP and IUGS Task Group on Geohazards (TGG) organized a seminar on the 30th October, 2018 in conjunction with the 54rd CCOP Annual Session held in Busan, Korea. Seven papers from Finland, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam were presented. Approx. 20 people from the CCOP member countries and the cooperating countries and organizations attended this seminar and discussed geohazard research and disaster risk reduction.

Title Speaker Papers
Introduction Yasukuni Okubo (Japan Space Systems) papers
Active faults in Korea: recent research and current trends Choi Jin-Hyuck (KIGAM), Young-Seog Kim papers
On-going program of the State-Funded Landslide Project (SFLP): Updating a medium-scale landslide database for high-risk areas using community surveys in Vietnam Le Quoc Hung, Pham Van Son, Nguyen Thi Hai Van et al.g (Vietnam Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources) papers
Geohazards in Myanmar Ye Myint Swe (Department of Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration) papers
Landslide/Mudflow disaster monitor using satellite data Masaru Fujita, Yasukuni Okubo (Japan Space Systems) papers
Two landslides in 2018 which caused fatality in Nan and Maehongson provinces, the Northern Thailand: More factors the geologist need to learn Somsak Wathanaprida (Department of Mineral Resources of Thailand) papers
Urban storm water management -Cooperation between geologists and land-use planners- Philipp Schmidt-Thomé (Geological Survey of Finland) papers
Life with landslides in Myanmar Yasukuni Okubo (JSS), Myint Soe papers