Taiwan-Korea-Japan Joint Symposium, 3-4 October 2018

A Taiwan-Korea-Japan Joint Symposium was held during 3-4 October 2018. A preliminary field trip was conducted on the morning of 3rd October at the 921 Earthquake Museum, Taichung City, Taiwan. In the afternoon, six invited speakers presented papers on geohazards at the opening session. The next day oral presentations and poster presentations were held at the Chelungpu Earthquake Preservation Park about 40 km away to the south from Taichung. The number of participants was about 80 from three countries and USA. The numbers of oral and poster presentations were 22 and 34, respectively.

At the symposium, on behalf of the IUGS Task Group on Geohazards (TGG), the author announced a call for papers for a Geological Society of London Special Publication entitled “Global and Societal Impact of Seismic and Tsunamic Events”. Our global understanding of earthquake processes and consequent hazards was revolutionized by the 2004 Sumatra and the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquakes.  Additionally, recent geohazards demonstrated that just relying on traditional knowledge and societal memory is insufficient to ensure we are protected against future events. This indicates that further global scientific research on potential earthquakes and tsunami is still critically needed. The proposed special volume aims to archive the global memories that researchers experienced.

Taiwan-Korea-Japan report(Okubo)